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Mission Statement

Our mission at GreatFurniture4Less.com™is simple: To add beauty, comfort and convenience to our customers' homes and lives. Also, giving them great value in the process! So compare brands, read the specs, note the construction details, compare delivery costs and service policies then compare prices. We think you'll agree, GreatFurniture4Less.com™ is the best place to find and buy your new furniture.


GreatFurniture4Less began 11 years ago as a retail furniture company. Five years ago we transitioned to become a wholesaler to the interior design trade. As our designer base began to grow, new vendors were added to meet any of the designer’s needs and desires for products for their clients’ home or offices. Presently there are over 800 name-brand vendors that GreatFurniture4Less has built relationships with to give our designers access to thousands of items. For the designers this has been wildly successful in reducing their costs, improve their profits, and providing worldwide white glove delivery to their clients. We have made it our focus to bring manufacturers, interior designers, and consumers together.

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