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In the fall of 2008, industry veterans met and decided to build custom order stationary and motion furniture in America, reversing the trend of building home furnishings off shore. Keeping American craftsmen working was one of their primary goals. 

In an era of booming creativity and choice, shoppers are customizing purchases towards their individual expression. From iPods to cars to home furnishings, shoppers expect detailed options from which they can select what best suits their lifestyle. In addition to varied choices, quality also counts. Comfort Design’s motion and stationary home furnishings are meeting shoppers’ expectations with a variety of options in superior design and high-caliber construction. 

Shoppers with discerning tastes will appreciate the diverse selection of Comfort Design furniture. Durable and fashionable, every sofa or chair from Comfort Design is built with a keen eye for detail. Additionally, rather than building furniture based on cost-cutting straight edged frames, Comfort Design’s sleek curves sustain the unique design integrity that defines them. Even our motion upholstery offers shoppers a choice between manual and power options. 

All good quality begins with a strong foundation. Therefore, in our motion furniture we use steel to tie our frames together, steel seat boxings to ensure the long life of our springing system and our mechanisms are made, not merely assembled, in the USA. 


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