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Stanley Furniture
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Craftsmanship: inside and out.

Fine furniture is more than just a pretty face. It’s a work of art and engineering that is evident right down to its core. Discover the hallmarks of Stanley Furniture craftsmanship:

·                     Mortise and tenon joints

·                     Heavy-duty center drawer guides

·                     Drawers dovetailed front and back

·                     Durable dust panels between drawers

·                     Durable drawer bottoms held rigidly in grooves

·                     Strong case backs recessed into end

·                     Well mounted top and sides


·                     Smooth finish without any rough spots

·                     Drawer interiors and unexposed parts sanded and sealed

·                     Chests and tables remain rigid when you place your hand on the top surface and try to rock it

·                     Doors and drawers operate with ease and are flush with the surface when closed


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