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The Brownwood story began in 1979 in a small manufacturing facility located in the Upland area of Southern California. As a fledgling startup with California origins the company found a niche producing oak bedroom products with a focus on better quality furniture constructed from higher grade materials. These core oak products supported the company’s growth for many years but as new style trends emerged during the mid 90’s Brownwood responded with what marked the beginning of a complete product makeover that transformed the company into a more fashion forward and style conscience furniture resource. By embracing the notion that furniture and fashion are inextricably linked new products incorporated design elements with a keen eye towards ever-changing market trends. 
Achieving a blend of “form, function and beauty” is at the core of our product development strategy and we remain committed to the notion of bringing aesthetically pleasing and useful furniture ideas to the marketplace at compelling prices. 
Today Brownwood Furniture proudly stands as one of the few remaining domestic furniture manufacturing companies in the United States. While others have outsourced and shifted to an all import strategy we have resisted the temptation to move our operations abroad and continue to find a niche in building high-quality, high-design furniture products in the USA. 
Our diversified line of product offerings is distributed through independent furniture retailers nationwide and available in a wide array of finish and hardware choices, including some limited customization. All at wonderfully affordable prices.
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